Multiple reasons: Besides operating your aircraft in actual flight conditions, actual radio/navigation operations and traffic awareness
  1. Flight Review Receive Bi-Annual check the way the FAA meant it to be – in your aircraft
  2. Flight operations: Regional airports, takeoff and landing configurations, air work, emergency procedures while executing instrument approaches.
Dedicated, full time instructor/pilot with 16+ years of flight/ground training and operational experiences with ALL PC 12’s.
Yes. However, individual policies may not allow in-aircraft due to liability limits. ACFT Services can contact your Broker/Underwriter to confirm.
It should not be about money but instead about safe flying practices through continuing education. Having said that, by having ACFT Services traveling to your location more valuable time can be spent dedicated to the learning/training process, which is the greatest cost benefit. Plus, depending on “other” training sources the actual direct operating cost of aircraft (3 hours Recurrent) may be less.
If you are new to turbine and high altitude operations you will probably be required by your insurance underwriters to receive additional transition (dual) training in your aircraft, usually 20-25 hours. This can be accomplished with any qualified PC12 pilot; however it would be wiser to undertake this training with a qualified PC12 Instructor. Regardless of insurance requirements this is a prudent step to undertake if not familiar with long-range, high altitude cross country, high-density airports, high country (mountains) and density altitude environments.